What Is the Best Perfume For Women?

There are many perfumes, colognes and fragrances that are suitable for women. Women who often do household chores also need a good fragrance to relax them. Most women have a fragrance that they prefer. A woman who is a college student will most likely need a light scent with a hint of Cedar or spiciness to it. If she works out at the gym, she would want a fragrance that makes her smell like she is working out and not being feminine.

A perfume sample can be purchased at department stores or specialty shops. Department stores will usually carry the popular brands such as Christian Dior, Armani and Chanel No.5. A fragrance for women can be found in most fragrance shops. They can also be found in some shoe stores where women can try on shoes and accessories that have a certain scent.
Some of the top notes for a fragrance for women include musk, ambergris, vanilla, rose, pink pepper, patchouli and cedar. These are the top notes and they provide a very nice smell to a woman when she is wearing a scent that reminds her of something beautiful. Middle notes that provides a very nice sweet smell is cedar and oakmoss.
The base notes in a fragrance for women consist of geranium, vanilla and lilac. These base notes provide the scent base which gives the fragrance its ability to change and grow with each spray. These base notes can be found in most scented body washes. These base notes can also be found in some unscented body wash products.
Some of the popular fragrance for women that are sold in department stores and specialty shops include: Channel, Chanel No.5 by Chanel, Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, Estee Lauder, Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jack Black, Josephine, Lauren Miller, Mark McManus, Nike, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Shalimar, Sephora, Sherry-Blooming, Silhouette, Silky Skin, and Thierry Mugler. This is just a partial listing of the perfume brands that women can choose from. There are many more that many different perfume companies are releasing every year as well.
When choosing your fragrance for women, you are only limited by your budget, your imagination and maybe your sense of smell. There are some things that smell better together than others. If you have a favorite sweet scent, then perhaps the smell of candle with some candy can smell great together. However, if you are looking for a fruity scent then maybe a floral fragrance is best for you. No matter what your preference, there is sure to be a fragrance that will suit your personal tastes.

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