Upholstery Cleaning Services in Silver Springs MD

Upholstery Cleaning Silver Springs MD is offered by numerous companies in the Silver Springs Maryland area. One of them is The Cleaners Exchange, which has been in business since 1989. They have many services that they offer such as cleaning and sanitizing, dusting, upholstery and carpet cleaning. They also have a mobile sanitizing truck that is full of eco-friendly cleaning products for both office and home use.

The Cleaners Exchange is also known for their upholstery and carpet cleaning, which were founded by Richard W. Stickley and Peter J. Stickley. The company uses only the highest quality and organic fibers. The clients can have the upholstery of their choice cleaned within one day. The company offers its clients free cleaning guarantee and a free estimate, if they do not find what they are looking for they do not have to pay.
Mr. Stickley and Mr. Jannick are always available to their clients for any questions. If someone has a question or concern they can contact either of these gentlemen. If you live in Silver Spring, Maryland and would like to schedule an appointment, they can set it up. They can clean the home or business of anyone from pets to teenagers. Their caring and quality work leave most clients satisfied.
The Carpet Cleaners Exchange is another company in the area that offers these services. They have a large fleet of trucks and vans that they use to clean homes and businesses in the town of Silver Springs MD. Their tagline is that they are dedicated to providing the best cleaning services available. This company also makes sure that their workers have clean uniforms and provide clean restrooms.
The company also offers the cleaning of upholstery. The employees at Upholstery Cleaning MD will make sure that your upholstery and other furniture are spotless. Clients come in and expect only the best when they are looking for a cleaning service. The atmosphere of the place is jovial and professional.
The employees at Upholstery Cleaning MD are friendly, knowledgeable, and fast. Many clients comment that they would recommend them to any friends or family who might need an upholstery cleaning. This is a great place to go if someone needs a cleaning and doesn’t want to deal with calling a company elsewhere. The prices are reasonable and the quality of the job is superb. When you clean your upholstery or furniture with Silver Springs MD, you will always be confident that your home or business will be clean and sparkling.

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