A Guide to Getting Your Certificate III in Hospitality

You can be serving the best of Hospitality as a Hospital Manager or HVAC Technician, but you still need your certificate III. Whether you are just out of high school, an experienced Certified Dental Assistant, or a young professional just starting out, Hospitality is more than just taking care of the guests. Hospitality includes everything from assisting your customers to being friendly with the staff. A certificate III hospitality gives you the ability to take on a managerial role. If you would like to be a part of this growing industry, here are some tips to help get you started:

Study – Before you apply for your Certificate III in Hospitality, be sure to find some good Hospitality courses. Check with your local community college for available programs. Most community colleges offer Online courses as well as classes on-campus. Ask at your community college if they have any Certificate III programs currently available or if they are working on one. Online programs give you the flexibility to complete the program at your own pace. If you don’t have time to sit in a classroom and learn, an online program will meet your needs.
Get Your Hands on Certifications – Once you have gotten your certificate in hand, don’t stop there. Try earning additional certifications. Some of the basic certifications that you can get are Beekeeping Management, Kitchen and Restaurant Management, Hospitality Management, and Medical Office Administration. These certifications will also give you a competitive edge when hiring, running your own business, or looking for employment.
Combine your Education – If you have credits from previous courses in your portfolio, try combining those courses with your Certificate III in Hospitality training. You can take a course from a reputable provider of hospitality education and then add it to your existing portfolio. You can use the courses you take from providers to build your resume or to convince employers that you are a good fit for their organization. When you have more than one set of credentials in your portfolio, it makes it easier to explain your background or why you are qualified for the position you are applying for. Having multiple sets of credentials will make your employer look more favorably at your qualifications.
Take Your Education One Step further – If you already have your Certificate III in Hospitality, take your program even further. Consider taking special studies classes to supplement your Certificate III in Hospitality experience. You might want to consider a specialty such as restaurant management, hospitality marketing, or hotel administration.
Work and Study – Work toward finishing your program. You will learn a lot about the hospitality industry while you are in school. You can gain valuable experience by interning or working in a hospital or another facility on the east coast or in another country. You can also take courses related to your field of choice as well as general business courses. Consider continuing your education while in school at a community college or vocational/trade school.

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