Where to Learn Tea From in Paolo Usman’s Palais des Thesus

Where to Learn Tea From in Paolo Usman’s Palais des Thesus post thumbnail image

If you’ve spent any time in the area, you’ve no doubt been offered a tour of thes palace usa (palais des thes usa) , which is one of Paolo Usman’s many art schools that specialize in teaching tea. If you’ve never been to this unique location, it’s a quaint little museum, one that has a unique atmosphere and set up. It is run by Paolo Usman, who was born and raised in Italy.

What does one learn at these tea schools? Many people are interested in learning about different types of teas. You may be surprised at how versatile they can be. For example, one of the classes you might learn at is how to make green tea. This is an age-old art that we take for granted, but the amazing thing about palais des the usa is that they offer courses in making a variety of teas from the classic green to the very exotic. Tea lovers who have lived the old tradition and continue to live it, will love this class.

There is also a very informative website about green tea rooibos, which you may find interesting. This website features recipes, sample menus and helpful information about using this herbal tea for health reasons. Not only can you get recipes using it, but also find out about some of the health benefits, especially those related to reducing weight. So if you are looking for a new way to drink tea, maybe this would be a good place to start.

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