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A social game frequently referred as Wakata sepak which literally means “ordinary video game”. Literally translated, it implies”common ball”. This game is usually played between 2 teams at a football industry. The guidelines of this sport are very straightforward and easy to followalong with Two teams have been placed on other faces of the subject using just about every team awarded 30 minutes . Each staff rotates each player after every quarter hourso there is a change in the enjoying employees.

The sport of techno (tekno) has been adopted by most people in East Timor now it is broadly played in other pieces of Indonesia like Jakarta and Surabaya. The official title of the sport is Techno (tekno) which translates to”ball in hand”. Thus, within this case, sepak (ball) arrives after bola (adhere ). In the language, football (sepakbola) indicates”a spherical ball used for soccer”. Bola sepak literally signifies”a hand ball”. As we all can seethe game of football (sepakbola) has developed during the years plus unique teams have embraced it as a national team game.

The sport of football (sepakbola) is similar to American football but with a Few variations. In Gaelic soccer, the area is broken into sections and also the aim is located in the center of the area. Both the attacking and defensive teams engage in with a rectangular area of the area referred to as’bandung’. With the use of techno (tekno) (ball), players kick the ball around in the’bandung’ and try to undertake, toss or shoot it toward their own competitions target.

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