Adding to the spectrum of Chianti Classico: The world of Montemaggio goods

Adding to the spectrum of Chianti Classico: The world of Montemaggio goods post thumbnail image

The charm of Montemaggio
organic chianti wine (vino chianti biologico) is also known for producing a wide range of products apart from its classic wine taste. By staying there one can discover what the Italian winetasting world is all about. The people curating an authentic experience for the visitors and making sure they take good memories with them.
The wine tasting and cellar experience
The wine tasting is done separately in the degustation sipping done in the custom made wine glass. The visitors are encouraged to discover what the wine world is really about. They get to have an authentic Italian experience consisting of the whole spectrum.
The big fresh organic produce from the agricultural lands
The fresh produce from the agricultural lands is also enjoyed and these little things add to the bigger parts of the experience as a whole.
Adding to the taste is the scenic Tuscan beauty
Moreover, the lush green Tuscan landscapes covering the whole of the region provide just about the right kind of view for the visitors. They can enjoy sipping on their wine while visualizing one of the most scenic regions of Italy.
The overall experience
These kinds of memories add to the overall experience and just keeps the cherishing moments close to the heart.
The other products available
There is also another wide range of products available at montemaggio. These include the production of olive oil and grappa. The olive oil is made at Frantonio which is the traditional place for making it with the authentic recipe.
All these products add to the overall collection of the varieties that are available in Montemaggio.

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